Sample Essay

Bobby was a very violent and aggressive man, and minor things such as moving the remote from the coffee table used to trigger fights that grew into much bigger confrontations.  She was frequently humiliated by her husband and Bobby was always suspicious of her. He always accused her of infidelity and much of the confrontations were largely because of his inability to trust Fran; despite the fact that these insinuations and accusations were completely baseless.

Though, Robert tried real hard but he could not mask the fact that the violence was perturbing him to a great degree. The main goal of Fran was to get her son away from the traumatic incidents that dominated Fran’s domestic life. It was Fran’s safety as well that was on the line, but Robert was at a very impressionable age that can have detrimental repercussions on his mental and physical well-being. Fran’s safety was on the line; therefore Robert required immediate attention to help him overcome the turbulence in his domestic life. (David & Lyon. 1988)

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