Essay: True Italian story of “Un Capitano Moro”

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Essay: True Italian story of “Un Capitano Moro”

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Othello is a great play which is written by William Shakespeare in 1603. The play is believed to be based on true Italian story of “Un Capitano Moro”. This Italian play was written by Giovanni Battista Giraldi who was a famous Italian poet and novelist. The original story is written is style and discipline of a famous author and Renaissance human whose name was Boccaccio. The whole play is revolved around four main characters.

The central character is Othello, whose origin was Moorish and he was a general of Venetian army. The second important character is Othello’s wife whose name is Desdemona. The third main character is ensign Iago who was trusted a lot by Othello. The forth main character is Cassio who was lieutenant of Othello.

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