Essay: Treatment of Prisoners in Abu Ghraib jail

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Essay: Treatment of Prisoners in Abu Ghraib jail

The Geneva Convention clearly states the rights of the prisoners. They are human beings who are entitled to basic human rights. The U.S violated this law by stating that the conventions did not apply during wars. They went ahead to change the status of the prisoners to PUC’s from POW’s, a clear indication to deny the prisoners their rights and leave their fate in the hands of the soldiers. They really used this violation of the law to unleash impunity. Many prisoners were left maimed or dead.

 The local Iraqi authorities worked hand in hand with the U.S soldiers to detain prisoners. These local authorities were therefore aware of what was going on in Abu Ghraib jail. They never even raised any alarm on what was being done to their own citizens. The aim was to fight the insurgency in Iraq, but the method of getting information from the prisoners was inhuman.


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