Essay: Transformation of the work culture

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Essay: Transformation of the work culture

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We all have witnessed the transformation of the work culture on our television screens, books or at some theater, cinema etc.  This paper would seek to understand that how accurate this representation has actually been in portraying the working cultural of a dynamic society. Our favorite actors might be playing “US” but are they successful in that portrayal? Or do we simply see mere imitations of a working culture which cannot be depicted in its true essence?

If one was to research on the recent trend of depicting work and organization by an entertainment medium, films would be clearly be the most common in this arena. They allow the common man’s world to be highlighted in ways not done before while allowing vital elements to be shown through a number of varying perspectives. From what can be deduced from the recent representations, the media seeks to provide glorified images of the organizational structure and what are its values in order to make sure that the actual people working for these organizations continue to remain satisfied with these occupations.

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