Essay: Traits of INFP people

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Essay: Traits of INFP people

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P – P stands for Perceptive, this is another trait of INFP people who are emotionally strong and possess the ability to evaluate everything in a subjective manner. They have great insight in to the behavior and other aspects of other people’s personality. This attribute helps them to resolve people’s conflicts and be good mediators and therefore they can act good judges of character and are naturally good listeners, which enable them to help people resolve their issues effectively. (Myers-Briggs, 2010)

Analysis – Considering the aforementioned attributes of people born with the personality type of INFP are generally very conscious of their personality and since they introverted, they keep most of their feelings bottled up and feel that they can’t relate to anybody in the world. They are very sensitive and especially to criticism, and this is one of their main weaknesses. As they take most of the criticism personally and as a result may suffer from an inferiority complex and as a result they underestimate their skills. (Quenck, 2009)

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