Essay: Three elements of Alan Mulally’s personality

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Essay: Three elements of Alan Mulally’s personality

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If we examine the leadership style of Alan Mulally, we shall come to understand that he was the person who could visualize and anticipate the situations and thus, act proactively.  The ability of ‘scanning’ the business environment, marketing trends and evaluating the shifting needs and wants of consumers gave him a semblance of what could happen.  He not only asked others to work, but, he himself is known to be working for 12 hours every day.

His personality had comprised of three elements which are coherence, leadership and relentless execution. These three features of his personality have let him manage to overcome the crises and get through the consequences easily.  Due to such his utmost faith in teamwork and belief in ensuring an extensive collaboration, Mulally was always awarded for “The Years’ Best Leader Award in 2005.

Mulally had identified that Ford was a strong company with an unmatched staying power to it. Seeing this, the CEO changed his direction, and instead of adopting and implementing a long-term sustainability strategy, he formulated and executed a short-term profitability plan. This helped the company greatly in coming out of the crunch and state of bankruptcy to the stage of global repositioning.

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