Essay: Threats for Bio-Rad

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Essay: Threats for Bio-Rad

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  1. Entry of new competitors in the market and rise of existence competitors pose a serious threat on the future growth pattern of Bio-Rad (Data monitor, 2010).

  1. Possible decrease of funding by USA government to Bio-Rad’s customers can prove to be very fatal leading to significant decrease in sales (Data monitor, 2010).
  2. A general global economic crisis may lead to liquidity and financial problems for the company (Bio-Rad Laboratories, 2011).
  3. Failure to provide new and innovated products may hamper the business operations in the future (Bio-Rad Laboratories, 2011).
  4. Any possible disruption in information technology or failure to manage it properly may lead to serious problems (Bio-Rad Laboratories, 2011).
  5. Another threat to the company is the significant holding of its stock by the Schwartz family. This may lead to conflict of interest in future (Bio-Rad Laboratories, 2011).
  6. Deficiencies in internal control and disclosures may impede the business in future (Bio-Rad Laboratories, 2011).
  7. A decline in the value of financial instruments in the future as a result of volatile market may lead to serious losses for the company (Bio-Rad Laboratories, 2011).

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