Essay: Theory regarding rationalization

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Essay: Theory regarding rationalization

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One of the more famous people who observed this psychological process and explained it in quite a lot of detail was Max Weber. (Laurence 1998)According to his theory regarding rationalization, it came into being when the people came to be convinced of the notion that religious views were insufficient to provide a proper understanding (Coleman, 1981).

This discontent with the religious point of view and explanations resulted in a more logical thought methodology; rationalization.

In his era, Weber was able to observe this process taking place as a result of the empirical findings that provided proof to the rational understandings but he went on to comment about the social evolution (Laurence 1998).

According to Weber, rationalization resulted in three spheres of value-such as the differentiated zones of science, art and law.(Wolfgang 1992)Due to such a divided form of reason and logic, Weber tried to prove that the very essence of modernity was at stake (Frey, 1997).

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