Essay: Theatre Production Analysis of Musical CATS

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Essay: Theatre Production Analysis of Musical CATS

The CATS is a phenomenal musical created and produced by world renowned Andrew Lloyd Webber. This musical is based on a 1939 collection of T.S. Elliot’s poems Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats. His affection for these poems which his mother read to him as a child inspired him to convert the poems into a musical in 1977.

The CATS premiered at the New London Theatre on May 1981 where it had 8,949 performances and hit the Broadway on October, 1982 with7,485 performances (TUTS, p.13).

This musical registered even more success with performances in 24 other countries and being translated into 22 languages. It won many awards such as the Laurence Oliver Award, the Evening Standard Award, seven Tony Awards, the Moliere Prize, seven awards in Canada, and seven awards in Japan.

According to TUTS, the massive success of the CATS musical, especially at the New London Theatre, can be attributed largely to the production and design elements which greatly enhanced the experience of the show. It was characterised by affluent sets, flashy costumes and makeup, and over-the-top special effects. The audiences were treated to a wonderful spectacle that kept them coming for the show over and over again (p.13).

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