Sample Essay

Today the emphasis of recent historical research has completely changed its focus. In the past Renaissance has also been seen as an artistic movement. (Cole, 1987) There were many Italian generations of sculptors and painters who rediscovered the sensitivity of the classical form of art. (Cole, 1987) Renaissance began in Florence at the start of the fifteenth century. At that time that status of Florence was not of a small unified city as it is today. (Coffin, 1979) In fact the whole Italy was divided into different states such as Venice and Milan.

Each individual state followed their system and government. These generations were successful in achieving technical advances and expertise, which took classical plastic art to new levels of height. Italian art became more sophisticated. In the fifteenth century Giorgio Vasari identified different phases involved in this process. The Italian art of the 15th century resembled with German, French and Flemish artistic patterns. He explained that the early Renaissance was represented by life of the great Getto, Masaccio represented middle phase of the Renaissance, while Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci represented the high phase of Renaissance. (Cole, 1987)

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