Essay: The Communication Process

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Essay: The Communication Process

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The contents of the book by Cheryl Hamilton titled “Essentials of Public Speaking” outlines various skills and traits that help student to write their speeches and effectively present them in front of a large audience. Public speaking can be an overwhelming task and people always feel more anxious when delivering speeches and Hamilton in her book systematically highlights all the basic steps that can help students to become more articulate in front of crowds. (Hamilton, 2003)

In the first chapter of the literature, the author has clearly defined the ethics involved in public speaking as well and how to approach the audience so that they are able to relate

to the speaker. The ethics largely involves presenting your ideas in such a way that you do not appear completely biased but are able to shed light on both sides of the argument showing that you posses ample amount of knowledge pertinent to both aspects of the subject. For instance, when delivering a speech on the ethics of abortion, the speaker must ensure that his speech does not contain pieces that are disrespectful or condescending to people who hold a contrary view to the argument.

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