Essay: The Chinese form of Confucianism

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Essay: The Chinese form of Confucianism

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In China education is a form of training the person rather than imparting the skill itself. The Chinese form of Confucianism is such that it strongly believes in the virtue of education itself as it is the training of the man’s thoughts and his actions.  Japanese corporate culture is such that all round training takes place-as as result of their version of the Confucianism.

In such a working environment, the emphasis is on the training that takes place after graduation and the employees focus is not on one major specialty but rather on a number. The Japanese work on a code of honor, in which the emphasis is on training the employees for a specific work culture rather than on the skills acquired. Hence, the differences have cropped up from the very perception of education itself as while one is educating to train for a culture the other is doing so for the imparting process of the skills.

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