Sample Essay

The Cherokee government had maintained that they were a separate nation and not under the control of American government. Strong evidence is provided by the Treaty of Hopewell (1785), which established legitimate borders between the United States and the Cherokee Nation, offered the Cherokees the right to send a “deputy” to Congress, and made white settlers in Cherokee territory subject to Cherokee law.

They were not really as barbaric and savage as they were usually portrayed by the general American population, in fact they had adopted very European ideology, traditions and customs. However, discovery of gold near Dahlonega, Georgia; which had caused a major frenzy throughout the nation and many people started to trespass into Cherokee territory. This was the first ‘Gold rush’ in U.S history and had put significant amount of pressure on authorities to drive the Cherokee out. Jackson had a very controversial role by advocating Indian removal from the region and negotiating eviction treaties. He used the various disputes over land and other regions in order to coerce the Cherokees to move down to the western area of the Mississippi River.

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