Essay: Terms between Google and Apple

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Essay: Terms between Google and Apple

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When companies start to copy each other, it is usually because of war or flattery. Apple and Google are separated by just ten miles in Silicon Valley situated in Mountain View, California.  The terms between Google and Apple are extremely good for more than a decade. Both the CEOs i.e. Eric Schmidt of Google and Steve Jobs of Apple have spent more than fifty four years in fighting against another giant known as Microsoft Corporation.

When Apple introduced its first and the most hit iPhone its slogan was the internet in your pocket. Interestingly Apple also did a thing which was similar to Google like thing. Apple fought against MSFT while Google strong competition to Microsoft’s NOVL and JAVA. (Milstein, D., and MacDonald, 52) Over the passage of time both the companies transformed themselves into strategic allies from spiritual partners. In 2006 when Apple had an opening on its board members, Steve Jobs appreciated the efforts of Schmidt and said that he is doing an excellent job as being the CEO of Google. At one occasion Eric said that Jobs is one of the persons that he admires the most. The tensions began between the two when Google announced that it is going to launch its new mobile phone system known as Android. In the same year Apple launched its iPhone technology which made clear that these two giants will fight in the smart phone industry.

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