Sample Essay

Ted Bundy epitomizes the aforementioned point; he was a notorious serial killer who was charged with killing over a 100 women between the ages of 12 and 24. They were raped and then brutally murdered by him throughout five cities in the United States of America. The murders represented Bundy’s perverted sexual fantasy that was bordering on necrophilia as well; this clearly gives one an insight in to the mindset of the killer who was a graduate from University of Puget Sound in Tacoma in the year 1972 in abnormal psychology. (Holmes & Holmes. 2005)

Bundy’s behaviour can be assessed along the lines of the criterion of evil acts. There was no real motive behind the murders accept for the fact to gain personal sexual pleasure by carrying out the murders. The primary intention of Bundy was to inflict maximum amount of pain on his victims because he could and it gave him pleasure to see them in pain. Initially, the individual must have felt remorse at what he has done but the urge to kill and his libido overpowered his humanistic sense and then the killing became more of a routine rather than a response to an urge. His acts give rise to feeling of utter revulsion and one can not help but feel sorry for the victims. (Holmes & Holmes. 2005)

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