Essay: Technology-dependant strategies

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Essay: Technology-dependant strategies

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It was recommended in the article that in order to avoid complete disaster, the companies would need to adopt a technique of formal review with certain following guiding principles.

These being making the process transparent within certain boundaries, establishing a clear charter and certain ground rules, organizing for success, focusing on the strategy itself and not merely on the process, delivering questions and not answers and lastly, coming to closure point.

It was also proved that certain technology-dependant strategies wee meant to fail with examples of Motorola’s certain activities.

It was also shown that in certain cases, rather than rushing into consolidation, it was better to sit out and let others do it. Ames Department stores suffered as a result of this consolidation process.

Certain questions were required as essential for every company to ask and answer itself; was there a realistic strategy for long term success, were all options considered, was something learned form history, could we bet on it and lastly, does vital information reach the decision makers or not. And in the end, the concept of roll-up strategies was analyzed.

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