Essay: Technology at Boeing

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Essay: Technology at Boeing

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The forecast was done in order to meet the demand of the current and expected airline users. The medium range segment was expected to be targeted totally and hence the sales were taken as 100 percent.

Besides forecasting the demand, the company had to consider important aspects such as the quality, technology involved in the production of the plane itself. At Boeing, technology was an ongoing process and each area had its own chief engineer. Before the development of any technology it was imperative to see, if it could be incorporated into the cost schedule, was it an acceptable technological risk and the ultimate vale to the customer.

Some of the newer technologies had already proven to have lesser risks and hence, Being had taken care of risk management along with the manufacturing element in order to make sure that in order to configure the panes the required technology was available. For the unproven technology however, it was harder to decide as certain risks were involved with their development.

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