Essay: Technological Factors of Unilever

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Essay: Technological Factors of Unilever

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Unilever has adapted itself to advanced technology in order to be innovative and creative. The organization started diversifying since the early 1930s and continued until its business saw boom in 1950s due to new inventions which became possible because of the introduction and adaptability of advanced technology.

In an effort to improve its brands’ promotion and communication with customers, the Unilever has enlisted itself into the line of e- commerce and IT based organizations. With approximately 97,000 workstations and around 4,000 servers operating constantly, the organization has created a cost effective and an efficient communication system. The Green IT strategy is implemented which minimizes the adverse environmental effects and, at the same time, creates a sufficiently sophisticated communication and advertisement network (Unilever, 2011).

Unilever Technology, which is the right arm of Unilever Company, aims to invest the money and efforts in clean technology, life sciences and material sciences. It also focuses its strength on consumer oriented technologies which include the subjects of brain research, process technology, designing products of choice and behavioral sciences, personal care, home care and others (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2011). Today, the products, information and location of Unilever are just a click away from its consumers. Starting from marketing its brands and going up to selling them, all the operations take place online.

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