Essay: Teachings of Islam

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Essay: Teachings of Islam

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Today Muslims are blamed for terrorism in the world, although Islam is totally against extremism and fundamentalism. The reason for this misconception is that west things that fundamentalists are the real representatives of the religion of Islam. Actually that’s not the truth. According to the teachings of Islam, Muslims should follow a middle path in whatever they do. (Ernst, 2003)

This teaching clearly indicates that Islam is strongly against extremism. Any form of extremism is prohibited in Islam; at one stage Prophet Muhammad said extravagant people are the friends of satin. Islam does not allow the killings of the innocent people. Today the trend of suicide bombings is associated with Muslims. (Ernst, 2003) Although all the big scholars of Islam are against the concept of suicide bombing and they condemn the killings of innocent. Islam never teaches to kill innocent people; in fact it spreads the message of peace and love. The Holy city of Mecca was conquered without any bloodshed, which is one the biggest conquests in the history of mankind. (Ernst, 2003)

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