Essay: Sybil’s character in Midwives

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Essay: Sybil’s character in Midwives

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The story is narrated from the perspective of Sybil’s fourteen years old daughter Connie Danforth and how she deals with the trauma of watching her own mother on trial; an event that jeopardizes her entire family and the way she grapples with these events in Sybil’s life. The trial raises several questions pertaining to home births and several questions regarding Sybil’s own ability to handle such a responsibility. (Bohjalian, 1997)

Sybil’s character is depicted as that of a woman, who has experienced a lot throughout her entire life. Sybil is an individual born in sixties and grows up as a hippie throughout the early years of her life. This aspect of Sybil’s personality is depicted through her daughter’s description where she states, “My mother was a full-fledged, honest-to-God, no-holds-barred, Liberation News Service, peace-love-and-tie-dye hippie.” After quitting college without ever getting her degree, Sybil becomes married and takes up an avid interest in pregnancy and delivering babies during her own pregnancy. (Bohjalian, 1997)

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