Essay: Suitable Careers for INFP People

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Essay: Suitable Careers for INFP People

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The test result was incredibly enlightening for me because it defined my weaknesses and strengths and being an INFP the most ideal career choice for me is that of a writer, psychologist, psychiatrist or an artist. Since, I am naturally in touch with my emotion and possess great understanding and insight into the emotional conflicts of other people around, I can relate to them and help them resolve their issues. (Bayne, 1997)

The test result further highlighted my tendency to take criticism personally that hampers my performance, and in order to avoid criticism in general, be it constructive or destructive criticism I have not been able to use my creative capacity to the fullest. Fear of criticism has often held me back and by learning to avoid this in future can help me work to my full capacity and improve my performance markedly.

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