Essay: Studies by Milgram and Zimbardo on Psychology

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Essay: Studies by Milgram and Zimbardo on Psychology

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On a psychological front, the studies by Milgram and Zimbardo that analyze the pathology of power and how it affects people breaches a number of ethical guideline. Though, these studies produced copious amounts of data. These type of studies were and are highly enlightening for people, and thus provides explanation for the behavior of people on battlefield and human capacity for torturing other human beings. This in turn could be used for treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in soldiers. (Melnyk. 2010. P.p 349-350)

No matter how useful they, one cannot help but notice the vast ethical ramifications involved in this. However, despite the number of ethical breaches we must not forget the immense advantages EBP has bestowed upon the medical and psychological fraternity and being part of the nursing fraternity, I am a major proponent of Experiment based practice (EBP). Having great compassion for people, treatments like these do not only provide instant relief but are also reliable. Therefore, for my patients I try incorporate EBP in my practice as well. (Melnyk. 2010. P.p 349-350)

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