Essay: Struggles of John Dunbar in Dance with Wolves

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Essay: Struggles of John Dunbar in Dance with Wolves

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The information that Victor Joseph receives from a father’s friend, Suzie Song, concerning the actual origins about the fire which had resulted in the death of Thomas’ parents death.

The same manner in which Victor grapples with this truth, John Dunbar’s struggles with the realization that his prolonged stay might have disastrous consequences for the people who had taken him into their abode with such open arms. John has to face up to some hard realities about his continuing stay in with those people who have made him an official member of their tribe.

This attitude of warmth and understanding is reflected by the benevolent nature of Thomas who was ready to forgive a man who might have caused his parents death, but saved him, as he saw the man suffering for the rest of his life for a severe mistake.

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