Essay: Struggles of Erin Brockovich to Provide Justice

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Essay: Struggles of Erin Brockovich to Provide Justice

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After accidentally discovering a systematic cover-up of the industrial poisoning of Hinckley by one of the largest companies; PG& E, she attempts to do the impossible; provide justice for the innocent.( Gleiberman 2000)

Hence, the way her character struggles to provide justice to the wronged by going beyond the actual demands of their occupation is something rarely done in actual life and hence, makes the audience view Erin as a saver of the day.

When she goes to a number of victims and tries to bring their issues to the forefront, she ahs to face a number of problems. Professionally and personally, her children get neglected, her man feels nothing more than a mere babysitter and she has no time for herself. On a professional scale, she has to go prove herself to her clients who doubt her ability to get them justice as her very profession is that of a lawyer; two timing liars.

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