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Hence, it is very lucid as to how Bourdieu’s theory is very different from that of Goffman, who states that everyone is governed by the different roles one take up in their life. Whereas, Bourdieu stated that individual’s personality is contingent upon his or her external environment, but the individual can choose to conform to the societal norms or not. Although, both theorists talk about stratification of the society but for Goffman the stratification is based on the societal roles that further shapes one’s personality and Bourdieu laid great emphasis on environmental factors that is responsible for the development of perceptions and people’s ideologies.

Hence, according to him people are usually shaped by their environment and this largely true but, there is huge component of personal choice involved in it as well. We internalize the values that are propagated by the society and though it may be our choice whether or not one decides to conform to societal demands, but initially it lays the foundation of one’s personality and mindset and an individual is governed by that for the first few years of his or her life. Bourdieu’s revelation was posing a major threat to the status quo of the French society because his views were considered to be extremely modern that posed a threat to the traditional lifestyle of the French society. Bourdieu himself described his views as being to the “left of the left”.

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