Sample Essay

It starts off with Alice and her sister sitting on riverbank, where she tries to read with her sister but is ostensibly bored. She is distracted by a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat and running hurriedly. Alice is fascinated and follows him as he goes down a tunnel through which she enters Wonderland. She shrinks and increases to impossible heights and sizes, as she eats various things that she find along her way.

She goes from one place to another in order to make sense of things, but to no avail. Her encounter with the Queen of Hearts is by far the most peculiar one and the only one that poses a potential risk to Alice’s life when the Queen orders her beheading. Alice grows to an impossibly great size and counters the Queen’s guards but wakes up on the river bank with her sister to find that all her amazing adventures had been a mere dream and this marks the end of the story.

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