Essay: Story of the Play Othello

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Essay: Story of the Play Othello

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The good news for the couple was that when they reached their destination the Turkish were already gone.  Iago makes another plan, he decides to make Cassio drunk and then ask Roderigo to fight with him openly on the street. When Othello hears about this fight he suspends Cassio and strips him out of his rank. Othello tells Cassio that misbehavior is not acceptable at any cost. Iago is satisfied he had his ravage taken from Cassio. After this scene another evil plan comes to Roderigo’s mind.

He decides to put doubts in the heart of Othello about his wife. He tells Othello that his wife is unfaithful and had affair with Cassio. When Othello hear about this he becomes furious and intends to kill his wife and Cassio. (Adamson, 35) At first he demotes Cassio and he gives promotion to Roderigo. Othello wanted Iago to help him in the murder of his wife and Cassio. Iago asks his mistress to leave a Cassio’s handkerchief in Desdemona’s room. Lather Cassio’ mistress whose name is Bianca gives this handkerchief to Othello. Othello consider this to a proof that Cassio and Desdemona are lovers. This makes him mad in jealousy and starts abusing Desdemona he front of many people, who are stunned to see this dramatic change in the powerful and noble man. Roderigo has been used by Iago to murder Cassio. (Booth, 37) But thing does not go according to the plan. During a fight Cassio attack Roderigo severely and wounds him badly. Later Iago stabs Cassio in the left leg. When Othello hears Cassio shouting he assumes that Iago has killed him.

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