Essay: Story of My Name is Khan

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Essay: Story of My Name is Khan

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Khan is born in India and it is evident that Khan’s level of functioning differs greatly from that of normal children. This result in Khan getting extra attention and affection from his mother that creates significant amount barriers between him and his brother. Soon after his mother’s demise, he is sponsored by his brother and he immigrates to America. This is a turning point in Khan’s life and one can argue that this point is the most influential and crucial stage in his life. Having lived his entire life under his mother’s protection, for the first he has to face the world on his own and he has to come to terms with the fact that he is in fact different from the rest of the people.

Moving to a different place is already tough move, and when Khan does that all by himself he is naturally overwhelmed with scepticism and fear, but lacks the emotional sophistication to show it. Though, his brother is there to provide him with maximum support, but considering the grievances he had nursed against him over the years it is imminent that Khan is on his own. His brother’s wife brings to everyone’s notice that he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome; which explains his behaviour. This aspect of the shows the ignorance and lack of knowledge that exists in the world today concerning major psychological disorders such as these and these people are stigmatized by the society. (Willey. 1999)

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