Essay: Story of Erin Brockovich

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Essay: Story of Erin Brockovich

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This woman‘s story came into prominence because not only for the landmark case but for her sacrifices, her determination to win a case against all odds and for the image of a female being stereotypical and yet not.

The film used the elements to highlight her personal challenges and the legal triumph in a case which no one could ever have thought would be won as a result of the actions of mere legal assistant. Julia Roberts portrayed the central character; of a single mother who transcends her environmental settings in order to fight against one of the biggest corporations and her eventual success is the greatest triumph of all.

The film makes use of a rash character that makes use of her female aspect unlike the other more “feministic” movies; in which the female is purely career driven and hence, wears boring suits and is in other words resisting being labeled as a woman. In this movie, the character is seen working in a law firm.

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