Essay: Story of Alice by Woody Allen

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Essay: Story of Alice by Woody Allen

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The doctor gives her various herbs that get her into bizarre situations and even gives her a herb that makes her invisible. However, this does not stop her from getting more enamored with Joe and start an affair. Alice’s character goes through a tremendous emotional and moral turmoil, as she had been raised as a catholic and her religious values made her even more pensive about life’s situations. The movie provides great insight into Alice’s personality and how she makes her transition from a self-absorbed individual to someone, who finally plucks up the courage to leave her unfaithful husband and a start a new life. Her lover, Joe realizes that he still has feelings for his ex-wife and eventually leaves Alice. (Lee, 1997, P.p 291-297)

Alice then fulfills her childhood dream of working with mother Teresa in Calcutta and though she is ridiculed by her husband, who believes that considering the kind of luxuries that were at her disposal, she will be unable to survive in Calcutta. However, despite what her husband predicts for Alice, she turns into an independent woman and starts to raise her children on her own and becomes a social worker.  (Lee, 1997, P.p 291-297)

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