Essay: Stereotyping of Women

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Essay: Stereotyping of Women

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The feminists have been at the forefront arguing about the fact that the person who makes something has all the stings of authority and in most cases that has been men. Women are stereotyped in character s of a sex goddess, vamp, an angelic innocent girl etc. Rarely films are made which show women to be the central character. A few examples can be quoted that of Erin Brockovich, Kill Bill.

Only those actresses who have established themselves as noteworthy actresses can demand such roles such as Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, and Nicole Kidman to name a few. At the same time, there is a long list of those actresses who have had to project themselves as nothing more than bodies with no brains. Shows like “everybody loves Raymond”, “How I met your Mother” all have central characters as men in a time and age in which women are perceived to have greater rights than ever before.

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