Essay: State of Poverty in America

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Essay: State of Poverty in America

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For the people living in America, the state of poverty exists when the family does not have access to a reasonable form of shelter, proper food and life’s amenities. However, while are cases where this state can exist the severity of the above happening is quite limited in its scope. The “poor” in America on average are from being undernourished, have better living standards than most of the average people in the European Union countries, own amenities such as microwave, colored television etc.

However, there are still scenarios where the state of poverty can result in food shortages. According to a survey carried out by the Department of Agriculture in the states, about thirteen percent of poor families and 2.6 percent of poor children experience hunger. (Johnson 2004)

The living conditions of the average poor American might be better than that of a poor person living in some other county, but at the same time there is a range of people who live in conditions that are quite deplorable. A third of people suffer from overcrowding, temporary hunger and difficulties in paying rents, getting medical care etc.

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