Essay: Starbucks promotion through diverse product lines

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Essay: Starbucks promotion through diverse product lines

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However, now many stores have got bigger and positioned themselves in the markets strongly enough to compete with the numerous popular and established stores. (Starbucks, 2011)

The introduction of new technology, innovative production methods, growth strategies and further useful techniques has turned the small stores into thrice their original size. In addition, many of the coffee shops which just sold one item when initiated, now have installed the coffee machines and serve specialty items such as espresso, cappuccino, and other beverages and desserts to the customers. (Michael, 1998)

The Starbucks had also faced strong competition from other local coffee manufacturers such as Kraft General Foods, Nestle, Proctor and Gamble and many other stores which supplied their product, coffee, through retail outlets and supermarkets. Thus, due to the sales of similar products from leading competitors, it became easier for the public to substitute the product of Starbucks with its competitors’. Though, Starbucks has undertaken a very little investment in its advertisement, its main strength was its promotion through the diverse product lines and good growth and marketing strategies. The company’s expansion strategies, “Starbucks everywhere” approach, creating new subsidiaries and expanding its consumer product channels have contributed a lot to its promotion, popularity and positioning. (Craig, 2002)

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