Essay: Starbucks’ Marketing Mix

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Essay: Starbucks’ Marketing Mix

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A company’s marketing mix takes into account its production, pricing, placement and promotion strategies. This concept of marketing aims to increase the brand awareness and maximize the recognition and respect of the brand in the market among other rivals. A good combination of formulating a well-integrated marketing mix will help the company gain strong roots in the industry of its choice.  (Alexandar, 141)

            Regarding the elaboration on first element of marketing mix, the product of Starbucks had initially started from only coffee. With the passage of time, the company was able to manage its produce and expanded the product line from merely 30 varieties to coffee makers, eco-friendly cappuccino and other paraphernalia of Starbucks. The product offerings of the company have gone beyond the traditional items of coffee and pastries to smoothies, oatmeal and beverages in order to provide variety and differentiation to the customers. Then, new products, such as “instant via ready” and “Tao Tea Infusions” have also been introduced to provide utility to its potential clients. The instant coffee of Starbucks claims to be distinctive from the regular brewed coffee of its product range. (Starbucks, 2011)

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