Essay: Sociology and Psychology

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Essay: Sociology and Psychology

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Catherine Tate is a British who is well-known for her show “the Catherine Tate Show”. The hard work and commitment Tate has put in, in all her sketches is downright commendable.

She won numerous awards for her work and her show is a sketch comedy show that revolves around peculiar characters that are unpredictable in their nature and just baffles the viewer completely. Some of the notable characters played by Tate are shrieking woman, Sheila Carter, Derek, Geordie Georgie, and countless others. (Books LLC 2010)

Her sketches contain a strong element of surprise; which involves the main character that is Tate, reprimanding others for something mildly offensive and yet ends up doing the most outrageous of things. The way in which she interacted with other actors was truly amazing and how she stated the most baffling pieces of information keeping a straight face was the most tremendous aspect of all her sketches. Tate has a gift of deadpan humour and an ability to enunciate certain words in such a way that automatically makes them incredibly hilarious. (Book, LLC 2010)

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