Essay: The sociological theory

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Essay: The sociological theory

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The sociological theory therefore, makes use of economic rationality within sociology. It is in direct contrast to the traditional rational approach which does not allow sociology to play a role in the decision making process.

The main differences between a rational approach and a more sociological rational approach are that the latter allows choice to play an imperative role. The traditional approach to rational choice making is that everything is bound by utility and egoism. Self-interest drives the decision making process especially when collective decision making is being carried out (Boudon, 1989).

Rational social behavior is different as it downplays the role of the utility maximizing approach. The traditional rational choice is based on a cost-benefit approach as the main decision makers are those who are bounded by their won egos. As a contrast to this, the broader version allows for a greater set of possibilities in which instrumental choice does have a role to play as well.

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