Essay: Society‘s misperception of a homosexual

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Essay: Society‘s misperception of a homosexual

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Society ‘s misperception of a homosexual is an effeminate man that goes around talking in a feminine manner, talks about clothes or a butch woman who dresses like a man and talks like a man. However this perception is often wrong and in reality most homosexuals are people who we say are normal, our neighbors, friends, hairdressers and police. This has really opened my eyes and I am now questioning everyone around me; are they outspoken about gays because they are but they do not want to draw attention to themselves by keeping quiet so they shout the loudest? The numbers are quite astonishing which means they also may encompass any man a girl dates or even someone’s ex-husband. Is this study flawed? This means that two out of five men one may see walking down street have had some form of homosexual experience. Then question arises, should gay marriages be allowed? To date there are only two states that allow homosexuals to marry and they are the state of California and the state of Massachusetts.

In 2004 Massachusetts became the first state to allow same sex couples the right to marry. California became the second state in 2008. Looking back at interracial marriages in the United States, the first state to allow interracial couple to marry was in 1948 in the state of California and it took 19 years before the U.S. Supreme Court changed the definition of marriage in 1967 and made interracial marriage available to committed couples that were in love throughout the entire country.

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