Essay: The Social Impact of beer

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Essay: The Social Impact of beer

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Beer today is not just an alcoholic drink; it has become a segment of American culture. Beer has played a miraculous role as far as sociability is concerned. Beer has united people from all ages, from all social strata, races and brought them in the path of life together as Americans. Be it home or offices, be it subway or colleges, beer is considered an essential element of life. (Cabras, 5)

            In her booklet on Effects on Modern Beer Consumption, Janet Witheridge presents an article “Potential Adverse Effects on Moderate beer consumption, which mentions how we gradually observe American nation getting blindly indulged in this magic elixir of past times, but it has now become and addictive ailment for society as a whole. (Witheridge, 23) They take it as their freedom, a thrill, a drink of merriment but excess of anything drives overboard. The moderate consumption of this drink no doubt has served as a healthy option for many diseases, but it is the large quantity intake that has become so common in society like binge drinking that is dangerous.

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