Essay: Social Factors of Unilever

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Essay: Social Factors of Unilever

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The social environment has to be considered equally when accounting for an organization’s analysis. This includes size, age and preferences of population, buying habits and other social trends. Unilever maintains strict laws for the society in its business practices. If we consider the impact of Unilever on the society, it calls itself and its brand “the social missions” because they are the vital players in the matter of addressing the climatic change (Bird, Adam, 2010).

This shows that the Unilever has stuck successfully to its mission which states “to make people look and feel better”. The company is working hard and smart in South Africa, Asia and Latin America to bring good hygiene and better food to its people. It addresses to the needs of all the segments of world’s population.

Unilever conducts surveys and researches to cater to the needs and shifting demands of its market segments. The organization also believes in a diverse workforce and thus, employees people of more than 100 nationalities using the strategy of diversity toolkit. It focuses on and embraces the changing needs of different cultures and fulfills their increasing demands.

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