Essay: The six key dimensions of understanding Media

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Essay: The six key dimensions of understanding Media

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The article’s title” The six key dimensions of understanding Media” focuses on the way that technologies are used by the various employees and whether these technologies are beneficial for the said organization. The concerned company would then on analyze whether it should continue with it or shut it down. The model presented in this article: Genre Model would be used to understand the usage of communication technologies.

This model allows the identification of such elements including media adoption and the consequent changes in the patterns of user communication. By having such a model, the company answers such questions as; who, why, what when, where and how.

The first three questions surround the occurrence, content, and the participatory roles involved.  Whenever any new technology is implemented, the company has to look at the reasons behind the wisdom of such an action. The subsequent benefits and risks need to be analyzed. The sort of content being disseminated has to be studied and whether appropriate technology is available.

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