Essay: Situations causing anxiety and depression

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Essay: Situations causing anxiety and depression

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I, being a student, have undergone many such situations in which factors like stress, depression and anxiety were common. These situations include those days when we, the working students, are loaded extraordinarily with assignment, quizzes, tests and other cramming-up stuff. I, at the moment, am stuck in a situation which is entirely different than other students; I study in the morning and work part-time in the evening. Thus, for me, the stress factor has always been common to occur.

I suffered from extreme anxiety and even depression for submitting the work late, reaching the workplace after the assigned time, and giving poor performance sometimes. Moreover, I even skipped meals for completing pending assignments, lost my temper on others, and dozed off while driving and studying. The lack of sleep had blessed me with insomnia and thus, I never paid attention towards my health. All these factors gave me stress and more stress.

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