Essay: Significance of Strong Character and Will in Leadership

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Essay: Significance of Strong Character and Will in Leadership

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The first case that this paper would seek to examine would of such a leader who in my personal experience, proved to be a man of a strong character and will. Demonstrated a character build upon a commitment and dedication to his work. Someone who was passionate about his beliefs and translated that passion into actions.

The decisions were taken after a thorough review about the subsequent consequences-any decision that resulted in any negative or unethical situation was avoided to the utmost at personal loss.

Such a person was found at a place that I did an internship at. The man was the Head of the Marketing department and was responsible for the entire creative team. By being a part of such a department he had to be more cautious about promoting anything obscene, anything which could offend a fellow worker, prospective client or even current customers

The marketing department is responsible for the creation, promotion and packaging of a number of products and services.

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