Essay: Significance of Human Resource

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Essay: Significance of Human Resource

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One of the most important yet highly unreliable assets of an organization in this fast moving dynamic world is human resource. For a number of years organizations are trying to preserve their human resource by devising new and improved strategies for them. Take the example of dot com introducing gourmet coffee bars at their offices as a way to offer the most desirable on-job perk of their workers and to keep them at work for long hours (Conlin, 2001).

Another example can be of companies facilitating their married workers with or without children in order to help them manage their responsibilities by providing them special leaves, medical benefits, child care facilities etc. (Wells, 2007).  Whether it is a case of employee motivation by helping them focus on long term achievement in case of Human genome sciences (Hymowitz, 2000) or of many companies who have been offering virtual jobs to facilitate their employees (Dunham, 2000), the purpose had ever been employee facilitation and in return companies got their loyalty and high work performance.

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