Essay: The Significance of Food

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Essay: The Significance of Food

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‘There aren’t no such thing as wrong food’, says Sean Stewart in Perfect Circle (2004). This seems a phenomenon worth agreeing to if we consider the voluptuous foods of the present age and the generation’s passionate belongingness to them. No restaurant offers any dish which is not creamy, saucy or full of fats. Even the diet menus require frying drumsticks in oil or butter — and on that a pitcher of fizzy carbonated drink adds taste to the just-to-name-it diet menu.

Inheriting the instincts of modern generation, I have always found burgers, fries and sandwiches with coleslaw extremely tempting; however, Pizza stands out of this list. This is because I feel like an addict to it — tempting is a small word. Not caring about the extra fats that its thick cheese topping provides, in my opinion, pizza does wonders in my life and is a part of my everyday so-called balanced diet for me. According to my mother, the sauces and buttery topping has almost ended my sense of appeal towards other cooked meals, while what I see is, chicken and vegetable pizza is a nutrition-loaded food. Travelling, to me, seems one hectic task that I would do minimum, but to avail the luxury of my delicious taste, I would not hesitate walking miles for it in order to get to Pizza Hut and enjoy the creamy-spicy flavor.

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