Essay: Should Children be Restricted to Play Video Games

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Essay: Should Children be Restricted to Play Video Games

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Though they cannot be blame for trying to improve or maintain their present living standard, yet they need to also take extra precautionary steps instead of allowing their children access to such games in the first place.

The parents’ failure to take an active interest in their children results in these same children playing these games for so long and hence, getting influenced.

These parents need to maintain certain rules and regulations pertaining to what their children watch even they are not around being enforced by the babysitters etc. By doing so, the children are held to be responsible for their actions and are taught the system of right and wrong from their formulation years.

As it is said that children are taught the basics from home, hence parents need to sit up and be more conscious of their children’s activities in order to make sure that they grown up into responsible citizens of the state.

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