Essay: Shareholders and Partners of Starbucks

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Essay: Shareholders and Partners of Starbucks

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The suppliers of Starbucks are appraised for the fulfillment of their tasks and responsibilities and are regarded as one of the major stakeholders of the company. They are kept satisfied and made to feel dignified and an essential part of the company. Annual suppliers satisfaction surveys are undertaken to analyze the level of satisfaction and dissatisfaction that they possess. (CBB, 2006)

These are the most important stakeholders who help Starbucks by providing it with funds. They are given share of the company’s profits in the form of dividends and profits respectively. The company also manages and looks into any concerns faced by the partners and shareholders and satisfies them in every aspect.

Strategic Issues facing Starbucks

Every business organization has to analyze and appraise itself for its strategic issues and opportunities which currently exist and are also likely to be faced by the company in future. These concerns are vital to the growth of the organization and it becomes essential to identify them and formulate long-term plans to deal with them in the changing phases of business.

Starbucks elaborates on its strategic concerns for the assistance and information of its stakeholders. The company any external changes which are likely to affect the company in the coming year, their effects on the SWOT analysis of the company, the strategies to address any possible threats and identification of the strengths to adapt and avail the new opportunities taking place. A brief description for the assistance of company’s stakeholders is provided in the following discussion.

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