Essay: Shaping Organizational Success

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Essay: Shaping Organizational Success

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Leadership has become a hot topic for researchers in shaping organisational success. Easy Jet is one of the leading Low cost carriers operating in Europe and has been thinking along the lines of moving into newer markets. A major cause for concern for Easy Jet is the rising prices and hence, the company as of recent, has been experiencing rising fuel costs. As the Company moves towards more challenging future, it is the leader’s responsibility to have a clear vision and continue converting it into reality for the company’s prosperity. The Company has to adopt appropriate leadership styles and behaviours to facilitate not only sustaining the current production level but also to meet future challenges.

The research is aimed at analysing leadership styles adopted by Easy Jet and identify the obstacles towards progress faced by Easy Jet’s leadership as a result of the unknown external environment and the rising fuel costs. A combination of secondary and primary researches were undertaken to achieve proposed objectives. The data collected from primary research covering questionnaire and interviews were obtained.

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