Essay: Sexuality and Adolescents with Autism

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Essay: Sexuality and Adolescents with Autism

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Sexuality is a very complex and integral component of an individual’s personality. Sexuality is an abstract and multifarious phenomenon, because it not only entails behaviours pertaining to the act itself but is also affected by and exhibited through one’s emotional development, self-image, values, interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, and beliefs.

From infancy to adolescence to adulthood; sexuality keeps on evolving but the process of evolution actually starts at the very beginning of adolescence and this phase of an individual’s life in known as ‘Puberty’. The development of sexuality in normal adolescents can prevent people to have a healthy self-esteem and positive views about the self; in normal development individuals are most likely to develop all these aspects effectively, but the main problem lies with adolescents who have developmental disorders and disabilities such as those with Autism. (Koller. 2005. 125)

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