Essay: Sexual Conflicts among Autistic Adolescents

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Essay: Sexual Conflicts among Autistic Adolescents

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Caregivers and parents should try to give ample attention to this problem and deal with in matter-of-fact way. They should try to communicate with adolescents and try addressing it in an individualized manner. Reiterating the instructions will effectively lead the adolescent in understanding the exact dynamics of the process and my prevent him from over indulgence and using unsafe methods stimulating oneself.

Excessive masturbation is often attributed to the lack of tactile stimulation and furthermore, caregivers should avoid using medications to suppress sexual drive and try to resolve sexual problems as quickly and effectively as possible. They should provide them with a structured routine and give them ample space and privacy to pave the way for their sexual awakening and exploration. They should try and interact with them as much as possible because with communication they can be educated regarding the matter and the key is to provide them with as much knowledge as possible. Caregivers should take them into their confidence and allow them to articulate themselves so that any unresolved sexual conflict can be addressed quickly and efficaciously. (Koller. 2000. Pp 128)

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