Essay: Seven ways to fall big

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Essay: Seven ways to fall big

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The article” Seven ways to fall big” by Paul Carroll and Chunka Mai provided an explanation for the failure of certain for the last quarter of the decade.  It presents some failures that could have been avoided. The green tree analysis highlighted a financial process which culminated in the failure of subsequent businesses.

            It was also shown that why overly financial reporting can prove to be quite negative for the company. It was shown that by changing a strategy to adapt to market signals too quickly can prove to be disastrous to the company. The example of Kodak allowed the above statement to explain.

Companies that didn’t consider newer options were shown as failures. Mobile Media, a pager company, was quoted as even a lesser reason to be a success due to its product being a mere fad. Hence, the economics of the newer world clashing with that of the old.

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